Tuesday, 24 March 2009

!egnarO Orange! !egnarO Orange! !egnarO Orange! !egnarO Orange!

I stOle sOme One's Orange highlighter this evening.
I ate an Orange after dinner.
I rinseD my mOuth with the cOOl citrus Listerine [Orange] jus now.
I have an yellOwy Orangy cOlOur tissue bOx On my table.

and suddenly, I felt like an Orange freak and felt sO disgusted with all the capitOL "O"s. wtf.

haiz. my rOOm's just not made for studying. I can't feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel anything like studying at all. -__________________- but I dOn't knOw what's wrOng with my rOOm that makes it like that. 10 more days to hand up CF assignment and I know I'm gOnna dieeee rushing last minute wtf.

CB assignment progress = halted cause I have nOt recieved the written interview frOm bOth Of them. Seraph's always nOt around and it's sO hard tO have sOme prOgress On Our FA.

FML right nOw. FML is such a commercialized shOrt fOrm right nOw. Since SL mentiOned it in her blOg, suddenly everyOne's gOing FML! FML! FML! mOO!!! I want Ice-cream nOw!

tO add mOre salt tO the wOund, mOm has decided tO gO with Only One maid nOw. That means more time for hse wOrk and less time fOr my Own stuff. but dOesn't that makes my life healthier? Wtf. LOl.

*peace Out*




  1. o.O
    your bloG so many O~~~
    see till i peninG :P

  2. it's not permanent. lol. hahaha.. mood swing dropped by.