Friday, 27 March 2009

I came to uni this afternoon to get more articles printed for coursework as the printer's' at my hse have aged so dearly that they have gone abit chuckoo.

I spent 1 hr trying to get connected to the internet but it doesn't seems to work. Then, I went to the library computer lab on the 2nd floor to get online but what the heck, I forgot my pen drive which is still stuck to my laptop's left ass. The temperature there also seems to be much lower then the 1st floor. So, I went back downstairs and tried to get the internet on my laptop again but they do not seems to work!

I told the circulation desk and they called up the IT Dept. I spoke to this girl on the opposite line about my problem and she told me to go to the IT Dept to get my Laptop checked instead. I told her that I can get connected to the wireless but was not able to access the internet connection and all the time before, I was able to do so. But she insist that I bring my laptop to the IT Dept. In another word, she insist that my laptop's the problem. One word, lazy and inconsiderate.

I shut down my laptop and tried to check the connection on the other part of the lib. However, the power supply seems to be down. I realised that after testing threeee power plugs and confirmed it with a girl who's occupying the cubicle opposite mine. Then I went to the circulaton desk to inform them and you know what I found out? The whole floor's power supply was empty. Lousy.

When the power supply came back, I tried to log into the internet and Voila! It works!

So, woman in the IT Dept, there's nothing wrong with my laptop. Just perhaps your router need to be reset. Thank you.




  1. AGREE~!!!!!!
    stupid UNI~!

  2. Gregory you so freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. No assignment? Haha.. Go do part time job some more..

  3. haha ~ no lar ~ damn busy ~!
    i work my self out wei ~!!! :P
    haha ~ :P

  4. yala.. live life to the fullest!