Tuesday, 3 February 2009

It feels really close to the end of the journey in Notts. But then again, it feels so longgggg when you're in the middle of lectures. x.x Lol.

Some of us had the privilage to start uni @ the earliest time and day of the term, 9 a.m. on 2nd of Feb -.- and I can't deny the fact that I have to drag myself off bed. Was a few mins late but I guess it's considered uber early when our lecturer here is new. As usual, most of them would have problem with lack of knowledge for handling a simple c.o.m.p.u.t.e.r while the rest face problem with the lausy IT system in uni. So, pretty similar to our previous Finance lecturer, this young Dr here somehow hit the Shut Down option with updates. So ofcourse the computer will update itself before shutting down. After some moment, the Dr goes.. "How do you off this thing? , Where is the power plug?" -____________- Then he resort to call for help from the IT Dept. Haih.. and he kept insisting on using the mic when sometimes, the wireless just don't work and his speech was not amplified. It's irritating to be hearing something which is not of consistant level -____- Just go on without the damn thing la. Not like we can't hear you x.x In the end, he said,"since WE have wasted so much time.....". WE? It was his own deed. -.-

On a diff note, SSY is very interested to see how I look with the new hair, or rather, how the new hair looks like. She takes the effort to call me yesterday night before heading for bed to know my timetable for the day. Said she will wait for me at the main entrance of uni to peek at me. Ask for me during her break. Commented that I should not let her see me face to face because she already saw the back of my hair and that she'll be shock if she saw me face to face. Lastly, asked for me and demand me to go to the entrance of her lecture hall when I went off. Fen Chen. President.

End of commercial break.

Back to first day of uni. As usual, we would have some optional modules to choose from. Therefore, most of the time, we would attend almost every optional lectures before we decide what to take. After my first compulsery class, we took lunch at the uni cafeteria. More choices now. Taste.. about or almost the same.. I think. Then headed for Jason's class. and fell asleep again. OMG. It's so nostalgic! It's been ages since my first year. Haha.. So, I'm wondering if I should take it coz it's a 1st year module but then.. it's a sleepy lecture x.x Jason's lecture notes are always so thich and he's always talking so fast. His lecture is not fast.. but he talks fast. The next two optional module in my choices clashes. One from 3 to 5 while the other is 4 to 5. Jason's class ended early for students who wants to take New Venture. So, Seraph and I ended up almost mastering the skill of growing mould at S.A. for about 2 hours. When we headed for the next lecture, we hit the Pak Koh. -___-;; The module only commence on 2nd week. So we have to wait for another hour before the last module. Should have gone home with that 3 hours break -____-;; The last module was quite interesting. But the lecturer is sometimes soft spoken. =/ and I have not mastered his English slang yet. So I missed out on some of his speeches. x.x

Finally, at about 10 mins past 5, we left uni and while I was at the traffic light in the Bandar Sunway Semenyih, an accident almost happened. It involes a hugeee 10 tonne lorry, which is carrying many pieces of moulded cements like those for building tunnels underground. So you can imagine how heavy the lorry is. Anyway, I was waiting for the green light while the lane going the opposite directions flows. Suddenly, a Malay women decided to take an illegal U-turn which poses great danger for other drivers as it is quite impossible to actually do a U-turn there. She will have to reverse maybe 2 times before she can complete the U-turn. So, she turned, got stuck, and that blocked the car behind her by maybe 1/2 meter. This caused the other car to hit an emergency break and the 10 tonne lorry, being the 3rd vehicle counting from that stupid car, turned into his left lane [there was two lane on that road] before succesfully stop his vehicle. I got so stunned I forgot to take a picture -_________- EEee.... Anyway, with shit loads of vehicle on these two lanes, the stupid lady could have caused a massive accidents with the cars and lorry colliding into each other. Crazy woman. Wtf was she thinking.

That ends my tiring day x.x Seriously pretty exhausted. Slept for 1 1/2 hrs before dinner and is deciding to sleep again now x.x


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  1. hoo~ luckily u didnt write my whole name, ruin my reputation. lol.