Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Usually, outside the end of every accomodation hall, they have a small drop off point for cars to drive through. Due to lack of carparks near the schools, students who are driving to uni usually make use of these spaces. However, ofcourse everyone of us drivers expect some understanding from the rest of the drivers on common sense matter. Such matters are of being considerate and not blocking the any car from their only exit from their parking space no matter what condition you are in because this really irritates the driver who wants to drive out from their parking space but were not able to!

I am sure even friends of these drivers would understand their feeling.

Anyway, such is my case. For the 2nd time. But this time, it really gets on my nerves because this guy is such a d*ckhead. It is so bloody obvious that one cannot drive through that f*cking small space. I was cursing away as I walked to my car when I saw that this f*cktard's BLACK HONDA CITY with the CAR PLATE NUMBER: AFJ 6151 is blocking away the road very inconsiderately.

Then nvm. Temperature still not so high. I went to start my car while my friend went to stand near the car to see if there is anyone standing nearby, as in trying to spot the car owner. After a short moment, the D*ckhead came running to his car. My friend told him in a nice manner that he should be considerate and not park like this because it is very OBVIOUS that I will not be able to get out and his f*cking rude reply was this: "Can what. So much space, can reverse out wat!". I just look at him. My friend then said if he think he can drive out with that allowance of space, why don't he drive out my car for me? and he boldly says "If I were you, I would just reverse out even if I were to drive out my car dragging the side of my car along other cars". Seriously, what kind guy would give such a f*cking retard reply when he is in the wrong. This f*cking pea brain guy must have a small d*ck and that's why he's not acting like a person in his right mind. There's lots more rubbish which he blurted out from his junk mouth such as..

"I don't wanna argue with you. If I were a girl, I would not have argued."
:: Do you fucking think this is the stone age era? You might as well go live in the jungle because you behave like those Orang Utans.

"Are you initiating a fight now?" :: I don't solve problem the f*cking uncivilised way, r*tard. I wonder what you learn, growing up.

"I am in the wrong now. So? What are you going to do about it?" :: I see, so this is what you tell your mom when you are caught red handed. Interesting. You should apologise, STUPID! Don't you know simple things like this?

Conclusion: Uber D*ckhead, Pea Brain, Short Fart and everything ugly and short. Go R.I.P. soon. That's the only favor you can do for the rest of us.


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  1. Usually ppl with certain impairment will have certain sensee better or stronger than the normal ppl. Talented.

  2. Right.. it's true most of the time. but her music sense is really amazing. ;) that's how God makes everyone of us balance..although still not so.. XD

  3. Hoho, I found the Sakai's pic!

    Top row 2nd from the left..

  4. oh ~~ is that short fat guy izzit ?

  5. damn yeong sui