Thursday, 22 January 2009

Kind of.. :p

As usual, Chinese New Year's after exam and it is also the time of the month where high school friends are back from all over the globe and hance, time for gathering!!! Wtf..

Anyway, a very short update..

1) Been about a month since I cut my hair real short.

2) Grandpa passed away on the 15th, just 11 days away before he could turn 82 years old.

That's all!!!

Hahaha.. until I have time again ^^

P/S: Catching Japanese Drama - Last Friends on YouTube.




  1. Dear, what I hope for this r/s is actually the real us. I dont mind how you spread your anger on me. I am getting used to it and accepted it so it actually doesnt really hurt me. I know you would be alrite after expressing it out. and at least it wont pile in your heart. I only hope that you are always being yourself, but not forcing yourself to cool down when there's a fireball. Dont hide your emotion to yourself, as it is scary and I would not know what you really like and dont like. This is really what I want.

    I know I am quite untolerant these days. I realise the main reason for the arguments is that I was not willing to lost to you when we both have different opinion in some matters. Sorry for that.

    love u, dear

  2. wow !!!
    ur hair really short lar !!!
    aiks ..y u cut it T.T
    wahaha !!
    opps...i felt sorru for your grandpa...