Friday, 30 January 2009

you ask.

Pretty pointless I'd say.. Lol. Plain and random.

My mom's pretty cultural. So, she said,"we're not going to celebrate Chinese New Year this year, no stepping into other people's house and no wearing red and yellows...". All for about 100 days coz according to mom, we're still very the "Hau".

There goes my new bajus for Tahun Baru Cina. =/ A red t-shirt, and a brown//blue checkered blouse. Yes, brown coz in the Hokkien "colour-bar", brown is considered as red and apparently, worse than red O.O So.. this means brown's the reddest red for us Hokkien ppl O.O I wonder why they did not differenciate it to brown. How is brown red? They're so different! -.-

I have also not been going to anyone's house for the whole week holiday. Sien. Pretty sien. Just went out with Daniel on.. last Thursday and dinner with some high school friends on the same night. That was the day when I bought the brown//blue checkered blouse. ;/ So now I have to wait for 100 days to pass to get to wear that thing? -.-;; Abit silly to buy something and keep it for 100 days before wearing it. However, unconciously, I have been wearing a checkered shorts for a few days already. Lol. I just realised it yesterday.

Also pretty sien coz I don't get any red packets today. !@#$%^&*() Damn great. When economy crisis did not affect me, the culture did.. financially. x.x There goes the ang pows when I need more money. wtf. Doesn't make sense. Why do things never happen to you when you want them to so badly but they happens when you least expected them to. Suprise, suprise, huh? To make your life more interesting? I see.. -____- I don't need suprises. I need them to happen when I need them to happen. I'm hoping for "money come, money come!" right now.

Do what does my late grandpa's descendents do when they are forbid from this, this, and that? They stay among each other and visit each other, wtf. Haha. So yesterday, they decided to spend the night at my house. It was "yan san, yan hoi" @ my house yesterday. Rare incident indeed for this time of the year. Oh, have I mentioned I have shit loads of relatives that I don't even know existed and is close with? It is probably because both me and my brother's English educated while most of them are Chinese educated. Also, it doesn't help that my dad did not help us master the Hokkien language. x.x We all speak Cantonese at home. That's my mother's language.. *sigh* I can't help it that I'm hokkien but I can't really speak hokkien, ok? Don't ever say,"and you call yourself a Hokkien" to me wtf. I did not choose not to learn. I wasn't trained nor taught. Wtf. So shut up. =/ Anyway, here comes the climax. So pay attention. As usual, I would be walking here and there, poking my nose in here and there, taking the role of a side spectator instead of joining in. Then as I was walking past my main entrance door, a younger cousin holler to me," ko. Pong ngo hoi mun dak mou?" -_____-;;; Swt kao kao. A jie jie would have sounds so much better, don't you agree? Wtf. Macam strangers although a family.

Macam itu la my Chinese New Year. Like kutu rayau at home. Walk here and there, watch Tv, go online, sleep and hope some one would SPEND TIME WITH ME outside of the hse but too bad they can't MAKE IT. Blek. Rot rot rot.. restaurants and cafes also not open during the week. Kesian. Wanna fill my tummy also cannot. Aih..

Did some photoshop but looks ugly to me -.- So am thinking whether to post or not. Nothing ineteresting though. Just personal photos for own reference.

Oh, right, I still have Puipo here to entertain me a little. (; She's getting cuter and cuter day by day. Got damn alot of attitude and very active. Shielded her from the knowledge of my family members for about 2 months now. Haha.. but was exposed to my brother yesterday when I told him to stop the dl as he wants to play an online game and I forgot I left Puipo under my table. It must be God's decision coz Puipo was happily rolling on her wheel and making tonnes of noise to attract my brother's attention -.-; Haih. Lol.

So, hopefully, will be going to a few shopping malls and spending my day in Kl tomorrow. If not, I'll be showing my black face on Monday in uni. Wtf.



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