Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Since the creation of digital camera, people tend to save their precious photographs in the hard disk instead of developing their photos. Some are due to laziness while some thought that saving it in their hard disk is the most economical and user-friendly way because if you want to share photos with your friends, you do not have to lug a whole pile of photo albums over to his place.

However, saving photos in these digital storage are actually not the best solution. But do not fear as EOE Online will always be ready to help you out!

EOE Online is an online photo portal filled with lots of function and services. All just a click away and at your convenience! At EOE Online, you get to register for a membership for free. Once you are a member, you will have access to plenty of privilage and innovative functions which are extremely useful, and helps you to save time and cost!

You get to have your own album space where you can upload your photos and share with your friends! No hassle, just as easy as that! When your hard disk crashes, you can count on EOE Online for your precious memories backup! For the icing, EOE Online has an online printing service which is very convenient for lazy people like me or even for people with tight schedules! I hate going out into the jam just to send my photos for developing and I hate having to remember to bring my memory card along as I am a really forgetful person. With EOE Online, I can just send my printing orders over the net and get them sent it to me in 3 days time! They became more lovable when they offer to deliver your photos to your doorstep without any delivery charges* when you orders are RM35.00 and above!

All you have to do is follow steps as easy as 1,2,3 and you're done!

Right now, EOE Online is offering special price for photo developing in sizes of 4r and 5r!

They also offer a wide range of photographic products ranging from digital cameras to accessories available for online shopping. Occasionally, there will be bargains up for grab too! So, do not miss the chance to save while you are shopping for your favourite photography tool! Quick hop on to EOE Online Shopping to see what is going on sale! Do not miss this chance to save! Now is also the right time to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones at an affordable price!

Occasionally, EOE Online also offer many interesting activities such as photo competition, photo dedication, wallpaper download, and loads of articles on photography! Do not miss this chance to unleash your creativity and win some fabulous prizes!

Right now, there are more than 25 physical outlets located at convenient spots mainly in the Klang Valley, convenient places such as Tesco hypermarts, Jusco departmental stores and major shopping malls such as 1 Utama, SACC Mall and KL Sentral! If you want to know where we are located please click on Store Locations.

EOE Online's objective is to fullfill the needs of today’s consumers who are works smart! If you think everything that I have mentioned is too good to be true, visit EOE Online and see for yourself!


Exactly 3 days after I placed my orders with EOE Online, my photos finally arrived! They send their deliveries through SkyNet which guarantees delivery on time and good condition!

When I strip open the envelope, I was a little suprise to see that they actually place the photos inside a box to prevent mishaping of the photographs. They really make sure their customers receive their orders in tip top condition!

Inside the box, they suprise you more when you found out that they insert your photos inside the photo album! That would be really great when you have so many photos to organise! They are really thoughtful at saving our time. Again, less hassle for us!

The prints seems to be exactly what you get when you send them to other photo shops. Sometimes, even those normal print shops outside gives us bad quality. It was really a relieve for me as I do not need to do any checking on the prints. I do not have to worry about the quality and conditions! They were all in tip top condition!

The photos I received were in perfect colour. Exactly like those which is shown on our computer screen or camera! There was no distortion in colour level, brightness, saturation, exposure or anything at all! You name it, they are good at it!

P/s: Eventhough this is a rewarding review, I highly recommend it based on what I have said above. They are nothing but a true experience! I've had my first convenient print and now it is your turn! If you have a blog, jot down your first experience at EOE Online and get yourself 50 free 4r prints + free delivery! You will be rewarded anothr RM 50 when you tell the truth about how good the service and printng quality is to you! Tell the people around you how they could save time and money while still getting the same high quality goods!

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