Thursday, 4 December 2008

My blog gets atleast 50 hits a day from search about the student who passed away after being attacked due to so-said mistaken identity by the police authorities. However, that is not the point. The point is, knowing that there will be a big hoo-ha about the whole incident, a Sri Lanka newspaper wants to generate apiece of profit from this incident as well.

The details in their report was all wrong. Take a look at this:

Lankan student attacked by gangsters in Malaysia dies
Monday, 1 December 2008 - 6:00 AM SL Time

The Sri Lankan student attacked by Malaysian gangsters, died yesterday at the Surdan Hospital in Suban, 40 kilometers from the capital Kuala Lumpur.

Sri Skandarajah, a student of Kingston University, Malaysia was rushed to the Surdan Hospital in a critical condition after being attacked by Malaysian gangsters targeting Indian students three days ago.

According to Foreign Ministry sources, the gangsters had mistaken Skandarajah and other Sri Lankan students to be Indians and assaulted them. Skandarajah`s friend had escaped without injuries.

The Sri Lankan Mission in Kuala Lumpur immediately informed the Malaysian Government to ensure maximum security to the Sri Lankan student community in Malaysia on the instructions of the Foreign Ministry. Mission officials have visited the hospital.

The Daily News yesterday contacted Skandarajah`s parents who broke down in tears and refused to talk about the issue over the phone.

taken from

Surdan Hospital in Suban - which is suppose to be Subang Jaya Medical Centre in Subang

Kingston University which is suppose to be University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.

Sri Skandarajah which is suppose to be Sarankan Sriskandarajah.

Instead, head to Daily Mirror for a good write-up about this incident.

Sure, the facts heard rom diffferent sources varies in term of the time the incident happened and the number of attackers involved but this is abit too much, don't you think? To be able to report as a news institute, don't you think they should get all these facts right before publishing it?

He deserves some respect in facts written abt it.

On another note, there has been alot of functions going on to pay/show respect to him in the unversity. Even the Head of Student Service from the UK have flown here to gve support.

Classes were cancelled on this Friday and sport complex was closed for activities happening this week. Other fuctions by club and society were cancelled as well.

The activities held in conjuction to this matter were numerous... but it has been to a point that it seems some students are expressing a little annoyance as they are not sure what all these means anymore. To pay respect to the victim or to make a big thing out of this..

Personally, I have never seen so many activities held to pay respect to a person who passed away in any of the learning institutions that I have been to. Except this. What I have only gone through before is just an essembly held for the announcement of the incident and also a quiet moment where we pray for them. Just that..

However, nothing much can be done as he have gone to be with God. Nothing can heal the emptiness his family felt. All I could do is just hope they would cope well with the situation.

May he rest in peace.