Wednesday, 10 December 2008

o.m.g I have been avoiding my AMC assignment like for a week from the last time I lay my fingers on it. I actually start on it pretty early. I have started to search for articles and borrowed books which are related to the assignment early of the semester. I have read through them and even started an introduction. Went to consult my lecturer too. But then I halted the process then as I need to do my part in the AGS assignment first due to an earlier end submission date. When I resume, I could not continue where I left off. I was left with a writer’s block. I went to consult the lecturer again, spent a weekend thinking about it but to no vail. The more I think about, the more confusing I get. The more I do not know what it is actually about. Kind of know what it should be about but I just can’t write it out. Really frustrating.

Thought of picking it up again yesterday, and then today but here I am, not even viewing the files in the AMC folder. The best I have done till right now is just plucking my pendrive into the USB slot. So disappointing, I know.

I was actually pretty lucky to have my pendrive stuck to my USB right now. I left my pendrive stuck to the USB of the CPU in the library’s computer lab this afternoon. I only went frantic when I was in the class attending tutorial, which means after more than 1 hour in class and after my break. When I rushed to the lab after class, it was no where to be seen. There was nothing slot to the USB of the CPU that I used. I search my pockets and bag for the last time. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not there! I asked the girl who was using that CPU is she saw a green Kingston Pendrive and she shook her head. Shit, ain’t it. Everything AMC was inside. I went to my last resort. The library counter. While on the way down the stairs, I was wondering if I will face the unfriendly CHINESE librarian with specs at the counter. To my relieve, I was attended by a friendly MALAY lady with specs. She would be the one who will get my vote if there is such thing as vote for your friendliest librarian! in my uni. Seriously, she is the only nice librarian I can remember. My favourite too! Anyway, when I asked if there’s anyone who has handed in a pendrive, she quickly ask me if it was a green Kingston pendrive and I said YES! Without further identification, she gave me the pendrive and ask me to jot down my phone number in the lost and found book for the library. Due to her friendly nature, I decided to jot down my name too, just for assurance. So now, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the good Samaritan who returned my pendrive and for the friendly service by the lovely librarian lady ;)

Since there was no class after that, I went home and had lunch. As porridge was never satisfying for a hungry stomach, I poured myself a bowl of mixed Kokocrunch and Honey Stars with milk and went up to my room. To my dismay, I found dead ants on my bowl of cereals. I remove them as there are only about 3. Well, that’s what I thought. W.t.f. There are actually more! I think they probably died in the packet of Kokocrunch because they were not that crispy anymore. I decided to throw it all away. *disappointment*

Next, I try to drag my fingers to work at the AMC assignment but it didn’t work. I end up taking pictures of the prints I received from EOE Online and finish up my review to get my 50 bucks. *woot* Can’t wait. I have also edited a bit of a picture took at The Gardens last weekend during the shopping trip. Not exactly a shopping trip. I was there with my friend to accompany my mom and my aunt while they go shopping. Macam Kuli. Haha.. Fashion kuli. Our presence is to give comments about what they try on, get them the right sizes, and taking their shopping bags for them! *Ops. Drifting away. Let’s move back to the track. Anyway, it is a photo which I have submitted for a photography competition. Shall reveal more about it later and do vote for me, ya! I wanna win! I wanna win! Support me please! Promise you my picture damn got feel. Lol.

All the while when I was in my room, I keep munching on Hershey’s Almond Kisses. *Chom-CHOM-CHOM* Oh, I have also finally organized the packages to be sent over to Bermuda and UK! Will be sending them off tomorrow! Hope they will reach before Christmas! Please please please do! The last time I sent them off, they reach end of January. X.x Damn crap. I know.

Anyway, I’m up here again in my room after dinner and drama-watching session. I should start on my assignment but here I am tapping away on my keyboard and yawning because I just had a phone call with some one and she YAWNED! Yawning is BLOODY contagious, ok! So now that you have read this, NOBODY YAWNS INFRONT OF ME, ON THE PHONE OR EVEN MSN MSGR! Or I swear I’ll kill you! *Grrr*

Shit la.. I’m still yawning. X.X
and I feel hysterical.




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