Friday, 12 December 2008

I just finish typing a rough essay for my AMC assignment. Yes, it’s like finally. Thank God. Hopefully, I will be able to restructure the whole essay and do my referencing and try to meet up with my lecturer to get some improvement on it…

That aside, everyone know that December is here. December used to means holiday to me every year. December used to tell me that Christmas in here, the reason for celebration and soon New Year will be here!

But December has lost it’s meaning to me. December only means that exam is approaching soon. When did all these started happening? Since I became a Nottingham student. *sigh* It is not that I regret being enrolled in Nottingham. Oh, wait, maybe I do. (getting to know new bunch of friends aside) Business is not even my real choice. I wanted to do something else. Let’s not start this reminiscing about the good ol’ days again.

Anyway, since my enrolment in Nottingham, my December has been pretty bland to be honest. When my exams are in January, there is no room to celebrate the joy on 25th of December or even the 1st of January. Where do you find the time for joy when you do not even have enough time to be fully prepared for your exam!

Students from other institution are all going back home this time of the year and that is when my high school buddies start to bug me to go for a gathering..

*rant* *rant* *rant* Blah.. this is getting pretty pointless..

I’ll just end here.

Happy Birthday, Milton. btw..




  1. wahsheh ~~~
    i HATE hamster since i got bitten by one stupid hamster at my fren house ~~ wahkaka~~

    reason she bit me not because i yong soi ar ~~ =.='''

    is because she just give birth then i don't know ~ so i go kacau ~ and kena bit ~~

    bleeding ~~ keep keep bledding T.T

  2. stupid. bleed until today arh? bleed abit keep complaining. you guy anot... chis..

    just because of one bite you hate all hamster -__________________- biasness.