Monday, 15 December 2008

For the past numerous years, Mc Donald has been having Beef Burger promotions during the Chinese New Year season. Sure, it would be something I look forward to every Chinese New Year if I can consume beef. However, Buddhism forbids consumption of beef and so I'm not allowed to. My mom has also told me that I have gone through some "adoption process" to be adopted by Guan Yin. It happened when I was a little girl because there were a few nights where I was not going to sleep but looks like as if I am playing with something that can't be seen by the naked eyes of humans. Thus, I'm strictly strictly not allowed to eat beef.

Anyway, this post is not about why I can't eat beef and is salivating for Mc Donald's Prosperity Burger ever year. Actually I dislike this idea of promoting Beef Burger as Prosperity Burger during the Chinese New Year. Yes, I'm irritated.

Everyone knows that a high percentage of Chinese in Malaysia holds a religion that forbids consumption of beef and yet Mc Donald is promoting the Beef Burger as a Prosperity Burger in conjunction to Chinese New Year. I'm fine if they do not produce Pork Burgers because they are a halal restaurant. But, what is it with Beef Burgers during Chinese New Year? Are they being a little insensitive towards the Chinese? This is a multi racial country and they should always respect every race. I am not telling Mc Donald to hide all beef burgers during Chinese New Year but where is your effing concious, man. Everyone knows that this is being disrespectful. It gives the same impact of a Chinese Restaurant advertising their Babi Bakar as a Raya Promotion. It does not makes sense right? I am not trying to offend anyone here but I am just trying to use an equally outrageous example to send out the meaning.

It makes me wonder who are these Pig Brain members of the Mc Donald's marketing team. Make full use of your brain can or not? Because your kononnye DOUBLE ENJOYMENT marketing campaign ANNOYED ME!

More like double nuisance to me.



Ok, maybe it was not the marketer's fault but I am so disliking the person who suggested BEEF BURGERS in association with CHINESE NEW YEAR! wtf.

this is an unethical marketing campaign!



  1. Squish them with foil?

  2. disgusting but.. they need to die in order for me to survive x.x

  3. In order for you to survive?
    LOL!! They are not gonna suck all your blood, are they??

  4. well, kind of. Lol.

    uni busy schedules..
    so I need adequate sleeps (;
    If they don't die, I'll die from the stress of not being able to hand in my coursework on time and finish my preparation for exam x.x

  5. Not majority of Chinese don't eat beef yet majority of Malays don't eat pork, that's fact right?

  6. Cool down, look at the market way, chinese only have about 30% market share, malay got around 65% market share, and out of the 30% less then half can eat beef. So u think they are pig brain? Think again, the market value is bigger, as business they can actually sell more beef then their chicken... just my 2 cent.

  7. Hello there! My two cents on this. Some Chinese aren't Buddhist and Hindus don't eat beef either so there's two segments of the market out of the equation. But Malaysia is still majority Malay (who can eat beef) and Chinese (who are Christians or atheists) so it still makes financial sense.

    Not as much as their previous promos though - they used to have BOTH - chicken AND beef so at least you have a choice. Don't know why their marketing is a bit off this year.


  8. Jason-L: All malays are suppose to be 100% Islam. So basically, none of them are permitted to consume pork actually.

    kennhyn: I am actually focusing more on their ethical behaviour in promoting their marketing campaign in my opinion. not so much on the financial gain / effective sense.

    Huai Bin: but it doesn't make sense to relate Chinese New Year's Prosperity to Beef. ;(

  9. yalar fuck malaysia's mcD but lol they're still much yummier than UK's McD. so fuck both McDs!

  10. Haha.. what's the diff between M'sia's and UK's mc D?

  11. lol mcd's here are lembik, fries also not hot and crispy, when u take the burger to eat everything will tend to come out cos i think they just simply throw everything in and everything is cold and not nice!
    ohh only good thing here is they give u a free cheeseburger if u're a student. lol!

    i'm looking forward to go back msia for a proper yummy mcd and ALL OHTER FOOOD!!!!!

  12. I miss curly fries in Malaysia!

  13. Haha.. I just ate some dew weeks ago. Can't deny that they're really delicious but expensive too =/ I miss KL McD. tha Kajang McD really sux =X The last time I was there, the fillet was really ugly. It is like as if it was some fillet that was sold in the supermarket and fried at home, for twice. Ya twice, omg -.- so ugly. Totally no quality control. It felt like as if I was eating something rubberish.