Tuesday, 16 December 2008

One of my best buddy whom I met in The One Academy has now launch a clothing line with a few of her friends and I'm here to promote her latest product.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: ONLY RM69 for special printing & double-sided.

Question Santa rebels against the commercialism of Christmas. While Santa came about as an honest-to-goodness portrayal of the spirit of Christmas - the spirit of giving and receiving, Santa has since been abused for commercial purposes. Santa has become a communist - and you have no choice but to adhere to the demands of commercialism, with Santa ruling at the helm.

Question Santa: Limited Edition prints. Only 80 in circulation. Stretchable, amazingly smooth, fabulously comfortable. 100% cotton. 32s Single Jersey material.

Special printing, on both sides. It's a steal at RM69. (Original price: RM89)
Because we're in the mood for giving.

To order, email us at questionthebrand@gmail.com. State subject as "Question Santa". Provide mailing address and we'll send you our account details.

Interested? Keep logging on to http://questionblogs.blogspot.com for more information and updates!




  1. sometimes working in a retail store can be very tiring.. have to face people and serve almost most of the time.. =)

  2. well, it is fine if the company is treating the staff in a good way like how the staff is trying to get sales for the company. but it's just plain selfish you know. like as if your best friend just betrayed you after all these time working together and helping each other out...