Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Last week, I submitted an entry for the Christmas Phtography Contest and I took one of the shots I had during the "shopping trip" in The Gardens and the submission date ended yesterday.

Hence, the start of the voting process.

As a trade, I'm going to tell you again, for those who have missed out that there is a promotion going on @ eoe.com!!! They are offering every piece of 4r for 30 cents and 5r for 50 cents!!! and your transaction esceeds 25 ringgit, they will send your items to you F.O.C.! Great deal, huh?

In return, you have to help me vote for my entry:

Quick click this link and vote for me! It's a fair trade! We both benefit from this post! :>>




  1. eh !!
    patpat ! i vvote almost everyday ...got win o not ??
    share share the prize ..half half..

  2. dunnoe la. damn stupid. the result not out. wtf.