Saturday, 8 November 2008

Yesterday, Bernadette recieved a sms on her phone requiring the team captain to present the original receipt for registration on the event day. She then showed me the sms and also a blank look on her face. At that moment, I know what was going on. Where are the receipts? 88|

Since we both went to registered for out team and also 2 other teams, we were the one holding ALL the receipts.

We were calm yesterday because we thought it has got to be at my house because she dropped by on that night we pay for the registration. We both search our rooms and cars and everywhere else but to no vail!

This is really crap. What if we are not allowed to play at all without the receipts? Worse of all, it is not only our team receipt that we have lost but the other two teams' as well! F*ck lor. What are we gonna tell them? They were all really really really looking forward to it!

So this morning, we woke up and started searching again. Turning everything 360 degree all round. Where is the damn thing, where is the damn thing, where is the damn thing, WHERE IS THE DAMN THING?!

I almost breakdown emotionally. We tried calling the organisers but they were being an a$$. They strictly reponded that nothing could be done if we have lost our receipts. No, no, no, no, no, they keep going. Wtf is wrong with you ppl -___________-;;; We already registered with our name and i/c! It's so obvious you can check the vertification from there but noooooo, they insist that once the receipts are gone, we're gone from the tournament too. F*ck shit. Really.

I'm going out of my mond, I'm going out of my mind.... F*ck, f*ck, f*ck the organisers!


In the end, we found the receipts. Wtf.

They were inside the drawer of the table where we usually leave our keys on top. But then again, we rarely put anything inside the drawer. Must be my kakak -________________-;;; *swt* *swt* *swt* BETUL!


So, IOI Street BALL 2008, here we come!!!!!


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