Saturday, 8 November 2008

FW: Please tell ur friends Girl* Spy cam in midvalley toiletþ

That was the title of the mail forwarded to me by one of my friend.

Basically, the mail was about a not so friendly warning for female girls who uses Midvally toilets.

The way the warning was potrayed was very very straight forward. Too straight forward I think it crosses over the limit because they have used these 3 women's dignity to warn the rest. Can't they even censor the important parts? Wtf.

That's what I'm gonna do now!

But then again, I don't think these toilets belong to Mid Valley. Still, I can't figure out where these toilets belong to. Anyone, any idea?

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility towards the facts that are mentioned and pictures posted in this post.


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  1. oh my goodness !! cant say anythings!!

  2. seriously unacceptable acts.


  3. i dont think this is real, i went to MV almost every week, never seen this kind of toilet and toilet seat paper provided by MV.

  4. I think so too but I still can't figure out where these toilets belong to..

  5. how can those ppl do like this ?

    they know respect ppl a not ?!

  6. they do not.