Wednesday, 12 November 2008

During a lecture yesterday, an announcement caught the attention of everyone in the class. Basically, we all know it will not be some elaboration of the lecture for the day but something which are non lecture-related.

What he actually revealed was that he noticed that some student(s) have voiced out their non-satisfaction towards the way he conduct the lecture or something about him they felt which are not right. When he try to ask the whole class and get a clarification on that fact, no one actually made any noise. So, it is untrue?

He later revealed a blog on the projector screen and obviously, the whole lecture saw what was on the screen. He lead our focus to some arguements about the facts that he mentioned in class and also the mention of his name, twice in the entry itself. It was dated 14th of October. He explained that there was some facts which he did not stress out during the lecture and also, some are just purely theoretical.

Not to comment about the blogger, but sometimes, it is important to get facts straight before you try to take on the wiser one. Also, a blog is not really something I would very much label as private. When everyone has access to it, it is not private anymore. Also, since she is not new to blogging, she should have known the options that is available for her to either make them public or private.

I am not sure how the lecturer gets to know about it. It may be the work of a student or it may not. Anyhow, that is not the problem. People reserves the rights to share with others what are publicly published in the internet. We all know it is a free world in the virtual world. So let it just be a new knowledge learnt.

Moreover, the lecturer even points out the relevant parts only. He did not lead us to the part where she mentioned that his teaching style was like teaching a bunch of school kids. He even pointed out maybe she misphrased/misused some words that it made her sounds like she dislike him instead of being unsatisfied with the facts pointed out. He's a nice lecturer and I don't think his lecture style is bad.

Everyone has the right to rant and rave including her but when you want to do it in public space, please think of the consequences too. A blog in the open space is not as private as you think. I'm glad that I have learnt that soon enough.

P/s: I have stopped the affiliation with DevS2iant and therefore, she will not be posting up her private thoughts here anymore.

Thank you. Have a nice day!




  1. LOL!! good move to have the blog all to urself HAHAHAH

    last year we actually got a mail from uni warning us to beware of anything we write about the module/lecturers/anything sensitive to the uni. Serious actions will be taken if they found out about it. yikes!

  2. alien13 : Hahaha. seriously, I never thought such thing would happen in a lecture @.@

    you-know-who: I know who are you!! but then there was no warning about such thin in m'sia campus.

    we've got a new cafeteria mgt! They started this week. Not bad. Abit taseless though. Still, better than last time out but some ppl are wondering how long they can keep this standard. Lol.