Tuesday, 18 November 2008

There is gonna be loads of picture in this post.

Last saturday, I woke up early as though I have a 9 o'clock class in the morning. However, instead of a morning class, I have Quarantine to catch. It was a free preview by Youthsays for about 150 Youthsays members. Apparently, it was a trial thingy. They gve us free previews and we comment of the movie and our comments will be used to rate the movie.

I met up with a friend and we got there at about 10 a.m. We got our tickets from the counter set-up for that preview.

Since the movie only starts @ 11 a.m., we went to Mc D for our breakfast.

Looks abit ugly, huh? But still delicious! XD

The movie actually have a few gross scenes and they pretty much have the same thing repeating over and over again. With difference, ofcourse. I am not really fit to rate and comment for this movie actually because I am not into these kinda movies. Anyway, this is what I thought, there's nothing much they can actually shoot inside a building.. and the ending.. pretty much spoils it more. -___- Again, I warned you, I am not liable for your decision in deciding to watch this movie, or not.

After the movie, we head to 1U and we caught ASIMO in action!

The next road tours will be @ the following:
City Square Shopping Centre, Johor Bahru on 20-23 Nov 2008
Queensbay Mall, Penang on 27-30 Nov 2008

So, don't miss the chance to catch ASIMO live in action! We don't get alot of chances to see great Japan technologies demonstration road shows in Malaysia, do we?

Then we had lunch with a friend and her friend @ Pasta Zanmai. I find their pasta and some menu itmes a little too pricey though. E.g. My soft shell crab pasta cost RM 22. A la carte soft shell crab, RM 18. A sliced tomato, RM 8. *blink blink*

When night strikes, we went to The Gardens to hunt for food. Canton-i caught our attention. Although we were all hungry, we waited for the queue.

and took pictures to past time.

The picture for display purposes only* looks ultimately delicious! I just cannot wait to test their porridge! But guess what? When we were seated on a table, and started ordering.. Can I have this? Nope. Don't have this. Hmm.. How bout this? This is out as well.. Like.. w.t.f.? Wht the fuck were we waiting for? Waiting to clear your stock for the day? Diuz..

Never liked Dragon-i. Now this.. -____________- Same same.

So we went to a One Noodle Restaurant to feed our craving towards PORRIDGE!!! It looks really like those Char Chan Teng that you find in Hong Kong. Not those typical fancy ones we have in M'sia. They have those sort-of-like private cubicle with wooden seat support which are huge and tall, taller than your head. There's where they're similer to those in Hk.

Their menu are priced appropriately and their meals are not bad! Yum yum..

and yesterday night, after a full day of staying infront the com and typing out my assignment, I rewarded myself with a movie, Painted Skin to end the day with.

I pretty much like the movie. Just that when the devil took out her human skin, they look more like aliens than devils @.@ That is when I got confused. Am I watching an alien movie or a devil movie? @.@ Lol. Kidding. But seriously, those worms crawling around doesn't suite a devil -____________-

That pretty much wraps up my previous weekend!




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