Monday, 24 November 2008

Attention** Spoilers ahead**

!!! *argh* I just lost a post I've typed for more than 15 minutes!! Wtf. This has got to be the most annoying thing about blogging. Something unexpected happens and everything closed up and *poof* your post is so totally gone. Wtf.

Anyway, here I go again.. *lets out a deep sigh*

I've just watched 10 Promises to My Dog. It is a Japanese movie and about.. read the title Wtf. Anyway, I felt that it was a very touching movie about the relationship of a dog with her owner. The dog's a female and her name is Socks, which is actually Sok-su in Japanese pronounciation. She's a golden retriever and she looks so good I feel like hugging her!! She's huge and she has long soft furs! Looks like it to me anyway.

The whole storyline was not bad althought a bit dull. Well, because the movie's about a mother who made her girl promise 10 things to her dog in order to be able to keep her as a pet. What happens next was pretty predictable and it was kinds like a typical story of a girl adores dogs and got a dog for herself but when she grew up, she kind of abandon her dog for other stuffs that girl fancies such as parties, guys and bla bla.. and at the end, she realise how much she had let down her dog when the dog finally dies. *Boohooooo* *Blows nose on a piece of tissue* Wtf. Anyway, yea, I really cried at the scene where the little girl had to give the dog away and she was crying in the train while looking at her dog. *boohoooooo* I also cried at the scene where the dog died due to old age. *sniff sniff* I couldn't hold back my tears because the whole scene was just so sad. ='[

Anyway, I'm so-so-so-so-soooooooooo glad I did not watch the movie in the cinema because I can't imagine how ugly those people look in the cinema without tissue and tons of people around you. :-/

Makes me so sad. Made me thought about the picture where my mom was holding a very cute white dog in Hokkaido as well. It was so snowy white and really cute! Really kawaii, ok! I don't usually use that word but omg!!! I wish my mom could smuggle it back for me. Hahaha. It also reminds me of the dog but apparenly-it's-a-fox in the movie, Painted Skin. That one was snowy white and kawaii as well!!! Hahaha.. So wanna squeeze it!

But then again, I already have so many dawgs at home which I still adore! There's Anchor who makes my heart wrench everytime I did not have time to give her a long stroke//pet when she greets me everytime I came home. =/ Then there's long long who's got really thich fur right now which makes her looks really pretty and bold. Then there's Ling Ling who's an all tme beauty except on times when she shed her furs and turn ugly because her the furs on her tail become uneven. Hahaha. But her furs are gorwing back now and it's so nice to hug! Her furs all smooth and soft! Eeee... *squeezeeee*

I'm glad I have dogs at home. Lol.

I'm still thinking if I should go and get a pair of hamster because they have such short lives but they are so cute and adorable! But then again, do I have enough time to devote my love to them? Lol.. Aih. Dilemma dilemma..




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