Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I keep letting out a few sneeze every now and then since yesterday. Mucus starts to store in my nostrils and when I suck real hard, they go sliding down my throat. Eventually, they will turn into those yellow//whitish yellow flem which will leads to cough.

Dammit. and I thought I was as healthy as world-record breaker athlete.

Nah. I'm just kidding.

Everyone around me are getting sick. I didn't know that the downfall of the economy would make people physically sick as well.

Ok, that was just me being lame.

Anyway, it's 2:26 a.m. now and I'm dreading going to bed because I can't even figure out how to start my AMC (Advertising and Marketing Communication) Assignment which is going be due in 2 weeks time? Bah. Fuck it. I don't know why I can't start this shit.

I geddit that it's about pros and cons! but I'm just too self-conscious about it that I want it to sound good if not perfect. Wtf.

I've just kinda.. done my part for the AGS (Audit, Governance and Sacndal) Assignment and I hope it's all good because every time I keep searching for new materials, the facts contradict. Yea, sure, they came from reliable sources but they don't seems to be saying the same DAMN THING! I've got those facts of Phar-Mor spinning in my head every night I go to bed for weeks now and I think it's time to let go. Wtf.

AMC. AMC. AMC. I wish I could just suck up to the lecturer and hope he leads me all the way. Wtf. I'm never good at making up my own stuffs. What's more with a 3K worth of words assignment. Gah..

Anyway, I still like the lecturer. At least he holds my interest in this module.

I'm dreading about having to do assignments..

I'm dreading about going to uni and attending the AFR (Advance Financial Reporting) Tutorial tomorrow.

I'm dreading about what's happening right now.

Yes, I'm falling sick physically and mentally.

I don't think I am going for basketball tomorrow. We'll see.




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