Sunday, 30 November 2008

I'm now in the library and it wasn't my intention to be blogging here instead of studying. However, there's something which I just beh tahan.. (can't stand).

My friend was using my laptop in the library and the laptop power pin was stuck to the plug on the wall beside a cubicle table which was meant for 1 person but she's not sitting there because she's doing some group work and hence need a table for more than one. So when she left, I moved the laptop back to the table coz I don't wanna be seen as kiasu for keeping both table for myself when i'm not using so much space.

As I was going to start my assignment, a stench went up my already-so-bloody-stuffed-with-mucus-nostrils. At first, I thought it was just some ugly smell brought by some blow of wind but the smell doesn't seems to go away. The longer I stay, the worse it becomes! I bent down to see if some one took off their shoe (because both cubicle desk are attached to each other) and I was damn right. Wtf.

Damn stinky, ok. I'm not against those who took off their shoes in the library (because I do that myself but my feet doesn't give out smell, ok) but they should be self concious of their own condition! -_________-

When you have mushrooms growing on your feet and they are emitting unpleasant smell, please do keep them to yourself as I have no interest in these particular smells. Argh!

So now, I have shifted back to the table which makes me look like some stuck up bitch for trying to claim short-term property right of the cubicle. If only they know that I'm just trying to save them from inhaling such a toxic smell into their body. Wtf.

K. Enough of ranting.. going back to my assignment!




  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA u're sooo damn funny!

  2. eh, i'm ady so frustrated that i'm sick till now le. then have to do assignment and everything. then that fella's like.. dunnoe his feet stinks liddat. damn irritating. den u know what? from the other corner of the library there's a girl who's crying or laughing or wut i dunnoe.. she's like making those sound like she's on the bad.. omg omg omggggg..

  3. interesting library shenanigans!

    u should go up to him and say ur feet stinks can you please put your shoes back on! LOLLLLLL! and go up to her and say hey go get a room! this is not a fucking library (literally)