Sunday, 5 October 2008

There were no classes this week as we had a week off for 'study break'. It was good to have a week off to refresh my memory of all the modules that I took for the past 2 years as some modules in this semester was a continuous of the past modules. Besides that, it's a break for the Malaysian community for the celebration of Hari Raya which starts on Wednesday.

I have been to Bukit Tinggi to have a look around with the 'Fan Chen' group on tuesday. It was a pretty short trip up there as there were not much to sight and see. Just some here and there. More of a place for relaxing your mind as it is pretty peaceful and quiet up there. There temperature there was slightly cold too, something like Cameron I would say. Lots of conversation about modules offered in the School of Engineering, drilled into my head even as I was dozing off.4 out of 5 in the car were soon to be Engineering Graduates. That explains it all. Lol. Then we had an early dinner @ Mid Valley's Chillis and an early super @ La Manila. They have great cakes there at affordable prices. The place was pretty packed too.

Had Seraph's new puppy, Bb @ my place as she went back on Sunday or was it Monday.. I forgot x.x Anyway, she was hyper active. When I say hyper, I mean it. She never stays still for 2 seconds. 1 second at most. Ling Ling thought she was her pup and was pretty protective of her but dislike it when Bb hang around her. Lol. Pretty weird, huh? Bb learnt to climb the stairs only when there is food. This is how strong the power of food is when used againts Bb. Lol. She turns sulky and whiny when she wants out.. and then she shit when she's outside.. -_____- That is when she turns ugly.

Visited the 'Fun Fair' opposite my house on Thursday night expecting to get a little fun from it and little fun did we get. Spent about RM30 there and we got toys worthy of about less than 10 ringgit? Playing games with an obvious small chance of winning.. trying to get into the small old-fashioned ferris wheel but apparently only two person were allowed at a time. *sigh* apa ini.. Played BINGO too and among so many tens of players, only the first will be the winner. *sulks* Scammer, scammer, pants on fire wtf. Conclusion, it's a 'Scam Fair'

Finally decided to go to Queen's Park on Friday evening to check out if there is actually anything worth buying. Went there with a friend and we actually went with high hopes but the shopping experience actually turned out pretty ugly. There were loads of clothes of the exact same thing and same sizes. Huge piles of green and red t-shirt here and some other stuff there. Sizes were of L, XL, and XXL. You might be lucky to get some of the smaller sizes. Then again, there were some piles of clothes which looks different but I doubt that the cutting is good or the price just does not look like you just got yourself a bargain. Basically, there has to be something wrong somewhere. I did expect such things but not too much of them. They look pretty overboard to me. =/ Yea.. so it sums up that I am extremely dissapointed with the shopping trip @ Queen's Park. The thing I like about the place is just the label boards and the graphic design they made for the place. It looks good. Just that. Sadly.

We had sushi before we left. Less than 20 bucks and we were feeling pretty full although the sushi on the bar looks like as if they have been there for ages. I guess we went there at the wrong time because when we were about to leave, the place was about half full.

Feeling pretty shit and unsatisfied, we went to Pavillion after that XD So many beautiful things just inviting you to cash out your wallet till it is empty. Therefore, must.resist.temptaion. X.x argh.. Did not drop by OChacha although I have been craving for a drink there for the past few weeks because I do not feel it it anymore. Sometimes, you just crave for things when it is so hard for you to achieve but when it is finally infront of you, you do not want it anymore! Fan Chen. I know.

Sunday. Monday. and will be back to uni again. So many things to be sent to U.K. and Bermuda but I am being lazy about it.

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