Sunday, 19 October 2008


Finally!! Another Fen Chen act that I have taken -.* Changing my cubicle layout when I am definate have no spare time to do that but once I started, I cannot stop. So might as well finish it soon after dragging it for a few days.

Anyway, it's wayy past my bedtime now. Shall go to bed now and get up early tomorrow to do something about my assignment and be prepared to enjoy my day out! Weee~

Tell me what you think about my new layout!

I'mma go to bed as a happy girl now. Weee~

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  1. memang diu la ..UNIM !!
    u got 1 more semester to go only ma !! i got countless semester to go ler !!
    shit !
    my exam is 8, 13 n 15 ...kns ..summore the 15 one damn lots to study ..can't finish at alll !! T.T

  2. kns kns. 3 paper only. as i know, civil engineering got so much less to study than ours and we have already gone through all the dreadful year. it's now ur turn. muahahaha...