Sunday, 26 October 2008

Tomorrow will mark the 5th week of the semester and in one month's time it will be time to hand up assignments which will will be due (and also which i have not started because i don't have a clear idea of what to do x.x). Two months later, exam will be here and here I am still slacking in my studies x.x

I have been more hardworking this term but everything unexpected just happens and they seems to be taking a large amount of my time. Such as the incident where my phone battery went went dead when it is suppose to wake me up at 8. Now's near 11. (It was an excuse actually -_______- I know the battery was not gonna last long but I did wish that I would be able to wake me up. Haha..)

There will be a pot luck at my aunt's house tonight. So the plan for later on will be to collect an overdueeee rental from a student, run some errants for my mom, eat, go to the library to study (because I keep falling asleep at home), and hopefully get to do some gym or jumping around at the basketball court after that before heading over to my aunt's house. Seems like alot to be done in a few hours time.


Better get ready now!




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