Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I spent my morning getting ready for the AGS (Auditing, Governance & Scandal) meeting but too bad it was pushed to Wednesday due to our schedule being imcompetence to suit the meeting period.

Anyway, first class for the day was AGS (again) and it was @ 1.00 p.m. I sat around the middle row with Seraph. Don't know why but it feels more comfortable to be there than right front. That explains why I have not been sitting with my usual gang this semester. Also, less hanging out with them due to some difference in module taken this semester. Aih.. Spending less and less time with them.. how how.. Oh, Nai Cin's birthday is coming up! Who's buying prezzie?! Share share plz!! Haha..

Back to class, there was this girl who was sitting at the row infront of me and she was pretty distracting to be honest. Urm, well, annoyingly distracting to be honest. -.- She keeps pulling strands of hair from deep inside the layer of her hair and then stroke it and pull out another strands of hair and stroke it and keep repeating it! Omg, I know I should be concentrating in class but I don't know why I get distracted by these kinda stuff -___-* God Help!! I've been distracted like around 6 times during the two hour lecture and to make t worse, there was once when I saw her suddenly pull a strand of her hair! As in detach it from her skull!!! Omg. Gross, right? -______-* Eeeeee!!!!

During the 2nd hour of the lecture I got a stupid SMS from those SCAM ass-oles. It goes like this:
"Congratulation ! Sim Card Anda Telah Berjaya Memenangi uang tunai RM.25,000.00 Dari PETRONAS Sila Call di Talian 012 8234 669 Terima Kasih."
and it came from this number +60128146835.

Should I call back and see what the idiots say? Buahahaha... Anyway, I should not ask you guys to spread this around as it obvious one could tell that it's a bloody scam.

Basketball practice today as usual (on every tuesday). I can feel that my skills has deteriorate (if I have any, wtf) in terms of shooting and also in-game. Gah..

Back home, my brother got a pretty hilarious and 18sx story to tell. He tells that he has a friend who can't really speak Chinese and he was just back from Australia from his studies. He went to a food stall to order Ipoh Hor Fun and he told the lady that he wanted Kai Si, Hor Fun and Kai Lan. Kai Si which is suppose to be rough strands of chicken meat when pronounced correctly but instead he pronounced it differently and what he said means Chicken Shit. Hor Fun was understandable. The last word was Kai Lan which is suppose to be a kind of vege but the way he pronounce it, it sounds like.... well.. Chicken D*ck! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You get what I mean? This is really omfg!! The stall owner even got mad and told him to go away! But then he still get to savour his bowl of Hor Fun because he explained to the lady that he can't speak good Chinese! Omg. He should have told her in advance first! Lol. LMAO~~


Anyway, it's now past 12. Shall go to bed!

G'nite! (;


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  1. wowww wad a sweetie =))

  2. yaaa but ofcourse he bought something for everyone else too~

    we're gonna have steamboat @ milt's hse tomorrow!~ for ed's farewell =/