Thursday, 30 October 2008

Just something to share with those who has thoughts of going to Sabah for a holiday (;

During my last trip to Sabah, I stayed @ a few inns which range from acceptable condition to a very comfortable experience!

I spent around 6 days in Tune Hotel and I had a splendid experience there! The staffs were great! They were very helpful and friendly. ^^ When I asked for the bus schedule, they photostated a copy for me instead of just telling me the schedule that I requested for.

The corridor was painted red, their usual colour and it was fully air-conditioned. It's so nice to get a feel of the air-condition when I walk out of my room (because it was not air-conditioned. Hehe). There were also shit loads of cctv at every corner! It makes me feel so safe. Haha.. The bed and pillow were extremely comfortable! Mmmhmmm, I miss sleeping on their bed >.< There were also a few hangers for you to hang your clothes, side table lights and also lights for reading purpose when on the bed! Clean and comfortable toilets! It was not exactly hot during the night although the air-condition was not on. I had the option to open my window and the ceiling fan helped alot to cool down the room. Basically, the temperature was just right for me.

The only thing that made me a whee bit uncomfortable is the damp smell that lingers in my room everytime I return to my room because the room was a little stuffy, together with the toilet. Also, the water pressure for the shower is not escatly high but it is enough to give you a clean shower (;

For those guys and ladies who thought of staying together in a room, it might not be comfortable because of the toilet door. There is no lock for the toilet door and it is made of glass which in tinted with a white layer at the center to prevent 100% visibility. There is also some space left at the top of the door for air circulation. So basically, if you are a lady and you don't trust the guy you are staying with, I would say, go get another room! or make a agreement first. Lol.

For those who are thinking of opting for air-condition, I would say, go for it because they only charge you for what you use. Let's say if you pay for the "air-condition usage" for 8 hours, it does not charge 8 hours in one go. You can use it at anytime depending on your preference. You can use it for 4 hours, off the air-condition and use it later for tomorrow or so. That is from what I understand. You might want to get clarification from the counter first.

For your convenience, there is also a Gloria Jeans coffee counter and 7-Eleven at the lobby for your 24 hours convenience! To add value to your stay, the Tune Hotel is just a few steps away to the newly opened 1 Borneo shopping centre! There's shopping, cheap movie tickets, and lotsa food outlets and not forgetting atm service there!

So if you think this is good enough for you, tune into and book for your room right now!

I got my nights for about RM30 per day and I think it is worth it compare to back packers lodge (; Again, this is due to individual preference!

This is my experience @ Tune in Kk. Next up will be about accomodation @ Kota Marudu, Semporna and Mabul!

Stay tune!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the info. It is very useful for me =)

  2. You're welcome (; I'm glad it served its purpose. Let me know if there is anything else you would want to know. I'd help if I could ;)