Thursday, 30 October 2008

I hopped on to my friend's car for lunch and when we were back at uni, I wanted to drive my car to the parking between the IT labs and the library for convenience sake. However, there was this inconsiderate bugger white proton which was blocking my car.

Like omg, did you forgot to bring your conscience to uni with you today? It is darn obvious that my car will not be able to drive out with that shit limited space given to me wtf.

Even if you're late for class or you are a freaking lazy ass, I do not care! No parking means no parking. Go get your own space. Wtf.

What if there is a super emergency and I need to use my car? What if it decides the life or death of a person? You would have freaking killed that person.

Pig brain. Maybe a pig's brain work better than yours.



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