Thursday, 4 September 2008

I was really hungry when I got off work today as I just had a beehon for brunch. So, when I was home, I made myself a cup of hot chocolates and grab a few packets of biscuits to fill my stomach while waiting for dinner time.
I took them all up to my room so that I could get online while answering to the hunger of my stomach.

While I was on the way up, I was greeted by something left on the floor of the stairs.

It was shit alright..

Dog shit.


you rather call it, dog poo.


Mind you, it wasn't just some normal dog poo. The poo poo was rather soggy.


There goes my appetite.

Must be one of the white btches because only the white bitches gets to come in.

What a privilege. To poo IN the house.

Damn btch.

But I still love them! Aww.. *wtf*



  1. Better make it clean and unsmelly before step into the house.. :)

  2. I had my laptop sling on my shoulder, one hand holding the cup of chocolate and the other holding a few packets of biscuits..


    I kinda spilled my chocolate a little but I was lucky enough not to have stepped on it XD