Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Hohoho! So fun!

I arrived in Kk (Kota Kinabalu) on Saturday evening, about 4pm. Initially my Airasia flight was at about 2/3, they cancelled the flight and put me on a later flight @ about 5 p.m. Luckily, I'm able to chg it to the 1250 flight and supposingly, the flight is scheduled to land @ 1520 but I only got down from the flight about 1600 -___- Could have been the rain =/ It was raining when I board and unboard the flight.

I was pretty exhausted from work during holidays that I just spend the rest of the evening on the bed, dinner outside and then back to the bed again -_________- Did abit of touring around but the roads pretty much looks the same -_________- I's get lost if you just left me somewhere x.x

We had fried beehon and Sabah Beufort Noodle. My tummy wasn't feeling right because my eating schedule have been a mess a few days ago and I didn't have any food in my tummy from morning till the time i land my foot in Kk.

On the 2nd day, we went to eat Dim Sum @ Foo Phing which is at Lintas. for reservation please call 088-259692!!! Hahaha.. Wtf.. this is an advertorial -____- But really, the Dim Sum there are not bad ^^ I like the "Ho Yip Fan" XD We only had 3 baskets of dim sum and one plate of fried dim sum and we're full!! All set to venture to 1 Borneo!

It was drizzling all day when we reach there. We bought tickets for Wall.e!!! omg. Seriously damn cute.. so much love in the air! awww.. *wipe away tears* wtf.. but I enjoyed the movie though XD It was so empty inside the cinema! Barely even 10% of the seats are occupied! Cold. *shivers*

We had a few hours free before the movie starts. So we went to explore the mall. There was this shop that sells pretty usual photos framed up in different sizes. I don't really see a picture that attracts me ;/ I wonder if there are people who actually bought pictures there O.O More over, their frames are not those which are of solid wood painted black, the classic type. x.x The last thing would be the frame glass that they use.. it wasn't the clear type but those which are a little blurry. Therefore, it actually defeats the purpose of some picture as it blurs away the details x.x I even found some picture which are pixelated. I'm so O.M.G-ed by this shop. Really.

They also have a new arcade centre there where they have this system of using a card that contains credit rather than token coins. Minimum purchase is 10 credits and there is no refund for credits. -_______-;; There is also this Japanese Daisa shop that sells everything for RM 5.00 Some are worth it but some are really not lor. There are things which are obviously unattractive and not worth RM 5.00 there and I wonder if they could really sell -.-;;

There are some shops which are not available in East Malaysia such as Von Dutch but I don't particularly see anything nice. Their clothes are simple and nice + a little bit of fanciness there or there x.x which turned me off. -.-;; I saw this pair of jeans which looks good on the front but when I turned it around.. it's a no-no -.-;; The FCUK over there sells the range of clothes for more matured adults =/ I was hoping to find something for young adults -.-;; The Esprit there has quite a loadsome of stocks. I bought a pair of jeans skirt in KL like.. 2 months ago, and the same thing is still hanging in the Kk branch. The Mango there was pretty small for a Mango but the clothes are great XD They don't have much stocks though x.x I wanted a blouse which is purple in colour but they ran out of stock for my size. so I got a brown one instead which still looks good ^^

and.. apparently, Zara pulled out from having a retail @ 1 Borneo -.- Something must have went wrong. Some colours used for the buildings looks pretty shit though. They had this yellow which looks like yellow paints which are faded with patches of whitish yellows x.x The whole project are not even completed and they forcefully open the place to the public. Very bad first impression -.-;; At night, they have all these colourful neon lights and decorative light all over the buildings. It looks like as if they are trying to potray the ambience of the buildings in Vegas but it looks as if they do it just to Syiok Sendiri because obviously, it does not blend with the surrounding and second of all, it is u-g-l-y. x.x Seriously, they made customers really dissapointed by projecting such a nice illustration of that place in the newspapers.

At night, we had dinner @ Grace Point which has a really nice ambience. It is a place near Sutera Harbour. Some place nearby where tourist can easily get a variety of food. Basically, it is like a food court with a pretty face XD. It rained all night and I was wondering it tomorrow is fit for my refresher dive =/

We went to get some chocolates later on as I was gonna visit quite a few Sabahan I knew and it is always impolite to show up without anything, yea? We went to Kk Chocolate and Cocoa Hse. Apparently, the prices of chocolates sold there are amazingly expensive, just right to slaughter off all tourist. Hahaha..

I had no choice but to get some there because of I do not have enough time before my flight x.x I bought quite a number of packets and they said they will give me discounts. However, even after discounts, they are so much more expensive compare to the normal prices of chocolates sold @ Cocoland in Kl. Therefore, I would advise you to get chocolates from Kl's Cocoland instead XD There you go.. advertorial again. Hahaha.

There's no harm sharing good suff with other people, right?

This ends my 2nd day in Kk.

I'll try to blog abt my 3rd day tomorrow @.@

Night people! *yawnS*

I have a special morning call @ 6 every morning in Kk from AirAsia planes because I'm now staying in my friend's house which is like less than 5 minutes from the Airport. Wtf. Damn loud and clear x.x

So, nite nite..