Monday, 18 August 2008

The battle between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan already seems to be a tough one for Malaysia from the very beginning. However, Malaysians still support Lee Chong Wei and hope for the best because we believe in him! Go Chong Wei!!

The results turn out 21-12 for the first match and 21-8 for the 2nd match. If the spectators were to be neutral, they would already have a prediction of 2-0 for the match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei. For some reason, Chong Wei seems to be less semangat during the match while Lin Dan seems to be superior on the court. Lin Dan was controlling the game and it is inevitable that Lin Dan's skill was damn good. He has got really got stamina compare to Lee's. Besides that, his smashes seems really powerful! They were strong, far, fast and slow! When Chong Wei defends that kind of blow, he has no time to defend the same blow again. That seems to be the tactic that has made Chong Wei tired and also unable to defend the 2nd blow.

Although this is a match of the 1st seed and 2nd seed, it seems like the performance by both of them show a vast difference. Maybe there is other factor that has affected Lee's performance as he is able to defeat Lin Dan as have shown in the past although not as many times as Lin Dan has defeated him.

During the match, everyone seems to notice that the energy drink that Lin Dan was drinking was red while the one Chong Wei was drinking was in Blue and there was much comment about it was some drugs or ginseng drinks. Lol. Not as an insult but just for laughter purposes and also to deny the fact that it was a fair match because it looks so easy for Lin Dan. Lol. Cheers to both players!

However, now that the match is over, we an only place hope in the next match. But this does not mean I have stop supporting for out Malaysian Badminton team! My support is always there.

Fow now, let's be proud of the first Olympic Silver for Malaysia!

Malaysia Boleh!



  1. This is not the first Olympic Silver medal la. The first one was in 1996 won by Yap Kim Hock and Soo Beng Kiang in Badminton double and a bronze by Rashid Sidek.

  2. I meant for this Olympic. Olympic Beijing 2008 and it could possibly be the only one. So I think he made us really proud.