Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Chinese are one of the many communities that has strong believes in the unexplained phenomenons, the supernaturals. It has been known by many with the spread through word of mouth that there really is such thing as "Feng Shui". Even community of other races put their believes in it. Therefore, there is no doubt these elements of water, fire, wood and metal plays a role in our lives, in their own way.

Just a month back, a Sifu came to my house to have a look at these element so that they can be adjusted to give my family a better quality of health and wealth. Also, to have everything smooth sailing, a peaceful life and any other things. The Sifu came with a man who is in his middle age. That man is claimed to be some one who has the ability to see those of the after life as in spirits. While the Sifu moves his compass around the house and jot down all the particulars on a piece of paper, my mom brought the man to tour around our house. At the end of the tour, he told my mom that there is a man figure standing outside of the master bedroom when he looked up from the ground floor.

After the Sifu has done all his measurements and thinking, he tells of the placements of elements at the wrong places and how they should be done. It seems like this house has a hack of a bloody bad Feng Shui. All the renovation seriously need a lot of work and not to mention capital which could easily cost more than 100k. That was so shockingly crazy. Omg, we might as well just get another house, ain't that right? We were told to shift the place of our gate, demolish some toilets on ground floor and also second floor, and then place them elsewhere, and also cover the hole which enables people to see from the 2nd flr to the grd floor and vice versa. X.x Basically, the house will look pretty messy and ugly after that x.X because some rooms will now be without bathroom which is pretty inconvenient, don't you think so?

Next destination is a newly bought office space. Apparently, the best choice is to sell off that piece of property because the amount of supernatural beings there are so many that it would be hard to handle if we were to ever want to operate an office there. Omg x.x That sounds really freaky. Do you know what is the amount mentioned? SIX, alright. That like so bloody many of them! I'm never gonna go there again *chicken out* They also mentioned that for the time being, during our next visit there, we should get 6 packets of goat curry rice for them. The Sifu even chanted for a period of time before we leave..

I wonder what is next X.X

P/S: I always thought that houses with prayer tables will be places where the other supernatural beings will not be able to enter. I guess I was wrong x.x



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