Sunday, 31 August 2008

they don't necessarily bring sparks of love. They might bring sparks of hate instead.

Couples' love, couples' fought.. it is just in the cycle. Al thought it is a norm for all human beings, it still brings pain to me, as a child, when my parents fought. No, I cannot just shut my ears and heart and pretend that nothing happened. What you feel will always be in you.

As your child, I have no right to voice out in between your arguments. All I could do is just look up the sky and hope that God would sparkle more love between them. Cupid would work harder to bring more harmony and love between them.

Dad, I wish you could spend more time with mom. I wish you could be a tad bit more understanding of what she is going through because of you.

I wish there was never big arguments in the family. I wish we were much closer that we would just really enjoy each others company.

I wish..

Reality always overrides.

I will just hope then.

Love you, mom and dad.



  1. o.O
    your bloG so many O~~~
    see till i peninG :P

  2. it's not permanent. lol. hahaha.. mood swing dropped by.