Friday, 4 July 2008

I'm really missing her. Please pray to God and ask Him to lead her home to us. Please. I'm missing her so much it really aches my heart to know that we have not found her back yet. It has been more than 24 hrs and she's still out there somewhere.

My dad has been searching for her since yesterday night, 3rd round now, since about 6 and he is still out there searching without dinner. Please, have mercy on her and us. Lead her back to us. I want her back so much I keep thinking about her since the news of her getting lost.

Dear Anchor, come back to us. I miss you. I want you back now. God, please hear my prayers and bring her back to us, safe and sound. She has even got bits of white fur among her silky black fur. She is not young anymore. I am really worried for her. Please, bring her back to us. We love her dearly. So much as she is part of the family. Please Anchor, come back to us. I cannot bear the thought of getting flashback of this incident in the future. I love you and I want you back so much.

I hope she's still doing well out there till we found her. I know she will. I just want to hug her so much now. The thought of her always wondering at the parking bay just keeps appearing in my mind. I keep seeing her in my mind. I want her back so much, right now.. please come back.. I am longing for you to come back and I will be waiting here for you tll you come back. Please.. come back if you love me too.. and I know you do. So, please, come back to us..

Come back to us. I don't want to be without you.



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