Saturday, 12 July 2008

It was early in the morning when I arrived in my office. The sky was still dark. There was just silence at the corridor. I can hear the lonely sound of my heels moving fast to reach the office. I reach for my keys to open the multi security locks. Once I was inside, I felt so relieved. It feels so safe to be inside, under such high level of security. I was filled with thirst after the furious heart beats drained the energy from my body. I took off the lid of the teapot to check on the water level and I got a real fright from what I saw in the teapot. There was a dead thing inside. It was black and its feet was shrunk close to the body. It just floats on top of the water. There was no sign of life at all..

Du dup... du dup.. du dup...

I went to look near it again and I found out that it is a dead spider. Yet another victim had fallen @ the Well of Death of the Spider community.

'The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout.
Down came the rain, and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain
And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again.'
Lol. Just something lame I made up while in the office to entertain myself -____- Ya, abit sad, right? What to do, there's nobody else in the office -.-;; Anyway, it's a true fact that I found a dead spider inside the teapot every morning. Lucky me I have this habit of checking the inside of the pot every morning. If it was otherwise, would have been drinking water with dead spder flavour everyday -______- Nope, don't like the thought of it. So, yea, I'm glad.

Lalala... it is just plain weird. There never fails to have ONE dead spider inside the pot every morning. Just one and not more or less. Weird, eh? Like I said, it is like a Well of Death for the spiders. They send one representative to try their luck every night while the humans are gone but they fail to get the water souce and die each time.

Anyway, I told my mom about it and she came up with this ancient thing that people use to cover the tip of the teapot. You can look at it from the picture below..

Nah.. it is not that ancient.. Lol.. I was just kidding.

Hmm.. talking about teapot reminds me of the teapot song. Anyone remember the nursery teapot song? -________-;; I can't recall.


Anyway, half way typing out this entry, I start to get busy and I only finish this entry on the 12th of July, in the wee hour of the day. 12:42 a.m. -___- Chisin ahh~~ Suddenly so many things to do!! What's more, I'll be going to the Basketball tournament in Bkt Jalil tomorrow! Without training!! Weee~ Go sung sei.. Omg -______-

Sei laaa~~ 1 a.m. laaa~~ Sleep laaa~~



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