Thursday, 17 July 2008

It is Durian Season again! King of all fruits in Malaysia. Therefore, if you are not craving for it, you are not Malaysian because I have not met any Malaysian that dislike Durian. Maybe there is.. but I have not been lucky enough to know one. Hmm.. just thinking about it makes me salivate..

My hometown used to be a small village surrounded with loads of Durian plantations. For a matter of fact, my grandfather use to own a few but they are now left unattended or they have been changed to the Palm Oil Plantation. I still remember when we were still kids, my dad would bring us to the Durian plantation. We would enjoy the bumpy ride into the plantation dark at night as it felt so adventourous. Then we would stay under a small pondok where people in the plnatation usually rest when they are working in the plantation. We would wait eagerly for the sound of Durian dropping onto the ground while I get irritated with the mozzies because I tend to attract mozzies where ever I go -____- A very unfortunate talent. Wtf. Anyway, sometimes we would grow tired and soon doze off on my mother's lap. When we have a few in collection, we would then start the feast of eating durian in the plantation itself. It is just so fun. Having a group of people together, talking and waiting for durians to drop. Thinking about how simple things were back then just brings a smile back to my face. I wish things were that simple everyday.

That reminds me of what my mom and my aunts used to tell me whenever we feast on durians. They told me that my brother and we were such Durian Cacing (Durian addict) that even before we learn how to crawl, we would try to get near to the durian in whatever way of moving or crawling. Lol. Damn gila durian >.

Well, maybe it sounds typical of all malaysian to crave for durain. However, there is one thing I am sure just a tiny weeny small percentage of Malaysian have tried before. That is... Durian rice! Lol.. Some of you might be wondering what the heck is durian rice? Durian smashed and cooked together with rice? Hmm.. not in this case. We do not put so much effort in making this durian race. More over, all the vitamins and nutritions would be gone by then, right? So, the dish that we call durian rice in our family is just simply savouring durians alongside with rice. Just as simple as that. Hehee.. The ang mo will definately be puking by now.

However, that will not stop me from presenting the Durain rice!!! Tadaaa~~

Do not blame me if you do not like it after you have tried it. Everyone's preference is different, true?

It actually started about 18 years back when my family was not in a good financial position. Our family have to try and save every penny we could because we do not even have the money to buy milk. Therefore, my father would bring back durians from the plantation and we would just be more than happy to have durian rice feast! It was the best we could have and it is our favourite too! So, there is no reason for us to complain right? Thus, born the 'Durian rice' meal in our family!

To be frank with you, it's not actually true. Haha.. we do not start eating durian rice because of that. Durians were not that cheap as they are today. It has actually started even during the years before I was born. By the time I was born, I was just passed down this trait. Long time ago, back to when we were still kids and living on the third floor of a shop house. My dad called home to tell my mom that she do not need to cook anything but rice that night for dinner. My mom was pretty puzzled but she did as said and later found out that the dishes that my dad brough home were durians! Lol. So we really had meals with just rice and durians. Therefore, it is not a weird thing for us. ;)

However, it is hard to get good durians these days. The lorry that carries the durians to the market used to smell so good and strong that you can even smell it far away before you can see the durians arriving! It is that amazing! But now, when you are just behind the durian truck, you can never smell a thing. Sad. Really. They have commercialized durians to the stage that it has became available anytime, at a very very cheap price and every freaking durian would be labelled 24D. -___________- Will the history of great king of all fruits be revived? Very unlikely..

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  1. i hate the uni for squeezing everything in 8months, and suddenly a 4months break!

    i hate the uni for installing all the high and narrow bumps

    i hate the uni for providing us "delicious and cheap" food be continued