Friday, 25 July 2008

Since the day I own MY canon, my life has turned more colourful and interesting. Photography has been my interest since a long time ago but I did not have the courage to actually purchase a DSLR as it is not an inexpensive machine. Therefore, I am grateful for the courage 2 months ago which leads me to become a proud owner of the my now CANON 400D. I did not regret it over other models because prefering other models over my own will only give dissatisfaction and disrupt the enjoyment of capturing those beautiful moments and surrounding.

It is almost 2 months old. Sounds like short but feels like a long period because I can no longer live without it eventhough I have been with it for about 2 months (only).

It has been about a month ago since I last went on a photoshot trip. It feels really good to be on the road again capturing the beautiful sceneries outside my doorstep. My latest destination has to be @ Pasar Seni. I went to Central Market, Chinatown and also our legendary Dataran Merdeka. I have been to these places but I have not walked that big an are before during the previous visits. My memory of the road to these places are like puzzle. Bits of it here and there. In the end, I walked in a big round from Chinatown to Dataran Merdeka and I found out that Dataran Merdeka was actually just behind Central Market. * big sigh* What's more. It seems like I have lost touch on all the knowledge of handling MY CANON setting. It feels frustrating when I can't remember what I was suppose to change, what was actually wrong. It was only later that I regain my sense of handling those settings.

My battery collapse when I found a long stretch of graffiti on the way after finish shooting @ Dataran Merdeka *another sight* I shall return another day! Lol.

I finally walk back into Central Market and decided to have a meal @ Old Town and the uncle @ the counter was really friendly. He asked me where I was from and if I am still a student bla bla bla.. I told him that I was just around taking pictures a moment ago and he asked me why not I take the photos of Old Town and I told him my camera just ran out of battery. ;( Then he told me to makan there instead of tapau home. I looked @ my watch and it says 15 minutes past 8 which means I still have about 50 minutes till the end of the duration for the next hour of my parking ticket. So I agreed and I had my meal there. IT was great. Everything was hot. The uncle kept offering me a glass of water but I told him I had water with me. It was really friendly and nice of him, huh? Before I left, he gave me a name card and ask me when will I be back to shoot his Old Town. Haha.. I'll be back for sure.. *wink*

While @ Central Market, a stall selling Chinese Paintings caught my eye. It was actually a painting of panda that caught my eye. As many of you might know, I have an addiction towards Panda. In the end, I got one for myself for about RM 15 where else I will not actually spend RM 15 for something I thought does not fit the price. That's my weakness. x.x Anything panda. Lol. Even though I am a little of an anti-hello kitty fanatic person, I still think it looks good when they create a Hello Kitty which is a cross-breed with a panda. Ya, wtf. Why did they do such a thing to the panda. x.x

I also find it amazing that 4 people actually talk to me as in more than a mind-my-own-job and a hello-bye kind of conversation. It makes me feel really good to belong here where people are friendly. *smiles* Everything makes up my day for the lost of touch on MY CANON.

There goes another day that carves a smile on my face when I recall those moments again in the future.

P/S: Will upload pictures later on.



  1. aww that's really cool its like being a tourist in own country!!!

    i might actually do that in penang when i go back.. feel free to join hohoho

  2. Haha... I'll see what's my plan for the summer XD

  3. This is not the first Olympic Silver medal la. The first one was in 1996 won by Yap Kim Hock and Soo Beng Kiang in Badminton double and a bronze by Rashid Sidek.

  4. I meant for this Olympic. Olympic Beijing 2008 and it could possibly be the only one. So I think he made us really proud.