Thursday, 5 June 2008

I recieved a phone call from my brother informing me about the rise in fuel price. He told me to fill up my car tank as it will rise about 70 cents for petrol and 1 ringgit for diesel.

We calculated and we thought, with my half tank of fuel, I'm just gonna save about 14 ringgit. It's not gonna worth spending a long time there waiting at the queue to save this much. But I thought why not since I don't have much to do at home.

So I decided to head for the Shell station @ Saujana Impian, Kajang. I was thinking, it could not be that long.. When I reach there, there is already a long queue of cars quite a distance away from the petrol station. I waited for a while and I got impatient. So I drove out from the queue and lucky enough, there is another line of queue which is nearer to the station. From that moment onwards, time just seems to stay. It took me half an hour to move to the entrance of the petrol station and half an hour more to reach the petrol pump. I was shocked when the petrol station assistant told me that the credit card terminals are not working. I was frozen there for a moment because I only have 10 ringgit cash in my wallet. Wtf. Then, he told me to try it first and I tried. Lucky enough, my card was accepted. XD

So, what happened during my wait?

First, I actually took time to see the sunset there (have to, right? since I'm stuck there)

Second, I saw a plane flew by.. haha..

Third, I actually witness the low mentality of some people in this situation. They tried to get into the station through every entry and EXIT. Yes, exit. It's still fine when they do that but puh-leez. You could atleast use your brain even if it's after working hour. These people tried to squeezed in through any empty space @ the exit and if you have common sense, you would be asking this question by now: where do the cars go out then? There's no place for the cars to flow out would the the exact answer. Do you get my point? So, why would these people block all the exit when they know that there's no where else the car can go out through? It totally made me go OMGawd.. seriously.. Why not be civilised and followed the initial function or the entry and exit? I'm sure it will be more efficient this way, right? Rather than the hassle of the petrol station assistants having to clear the traffic away to make way for the cars to go out. It's so simple but people just doesn't seems to understand. Gawd. No out, no in. Understand? and that leads to no petrol for you and more of wasting your time! *sigh*

Fourth, good samaritans. People actually get out of their car to help ease the flow. I guess that's the only thing they can do to speed up the flow and get ther tank filled up faster.

Fifth, because of stupid people blocking the EXIT driveway, some cars are having difficulty driving out and hence, an estima has to reverse and unconciously, kind of sweep the side of another car and not noticed it. There's goes the savings from filling up the tanks today rather than tomorrow..

Sixth, good samaritans helping to push a kancil which is probably out of fuel.. aww..

So, here's the pictures..



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